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Oh geez...what did I get myself into this time... (Archived)Rykazekai75/22/2011
Favourite boss fight? (From both games) (Archived)
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This or... (Archived)boxdemon105/17/2011
Wow, this was hilarious(Spoilers) (Archived)Diggler27715/16/2011
If I could modify this game a little (Archived)Diggler27725/12/2011
Best Buy Canada is selling this for $9.99... (Archived)cyberpik55/11/2011
What is hoppers edition. (Archived)boxdemon65/10/2011
Who remembers (Archived)BlueCokeDragon65/7/2011
missing sections on different difficulties? (Archived)tradablefox25/4/2011
Has anyone here use that hack before? (Archived)
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Just finished this game (my opinions and some rants) (and obvious spoilers) (Archived)W4tch74/26/2011
NO KIDDING lifesize Travis 4 yr own bedroom w/katana OMG (Archived)Henry_Homerun34/25/2011
Who would win in a fight: Travis Touchdown or Charlie Sheen (Archived)
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Xero Green124/23/2011
the ending (Archived)BlueCokeDragon24/23/2011
Clashes with Mimmy, Dr. Letz Shake, and Million Gunman (Archived)boxdemon24/23/2011
I am not letting this board die. (Archived)
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Grasshopper should mkae Cowboy beboop game (Archived)BlueCokeDragon24/20/2011
Music! . . .change, BLAST YOU, BLAST YOU, BLAST YOU (Archived)NathanCopeland34/20/2011
I'm with TravisGod (Archived)BlueCokeDragon34/20/2011
I've always had trouble with the clashes in this franchise, any advice? (Archived)CalistoCoon44/17/2011
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