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This game is on psn now (Archived)Pigeon_Senpai110/31/2013
Safe List for weapon upgrades (Archived)rleonardh45/9/2013
Really really dumb question but.... (Archived)CR1mson_Phoenix24/5/2013
Servitude mode *Officer mode* what to do? Lots of questions here. (Archived)MonarchPaulos13/11/2013
No voice sound problem? Can anyone help me out? (Archived)Ando-73/8/2013
Do you use generic officers? (Archived)FeiLong722912/29/2012
Female Ruler- how many oaths can you have? Just 1 ? Or more? (Archived)MonarchPaulos112/8/2012
Chose SUN QUAN- cannot swear oaths with other SUNS? *Sun Jian/Sun Ce* (Archived)MonarchPaulos112/5/2012
How many OATHS can you swear with your "friends" in this game? (Archived)MonarchPaulos112/3/2012
Can you move your character with the D-PAD in any way? (Archived)MonarchPaulos511/24/2012
Game freezes when (Archived)tsaobei210/5/2012
Is there a list of those abilities you get randomly after battles and how to get (Archived)GoatJugSoup18/20/2012
Help Needed Please (Archived)jennyferj7526/20/2012
Derailed (Archived)jennyferj7516/2/2012
Spolers Deleting CAW? (Archived)tsaobei15/30/2012
200 turn limit?? (Archived)123win14/5/2012
how robust is CAW (Archived)Lost7th42/12/2012
How to turn off custom characters? (Archived)Moritsuna21/17/2012
Da Qiao, Zhu Rong, JIANG WEI, why are these people missing? (Archived)MonarchPaulos61/15/2012
CAW costumes (Archived)icygate77741/15/2012
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