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is hiphop rescure the only new song? (Archived)_Splurd_22/23/2009
decline of the game since BS (Archived)
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So what songs are missing from this game that aren't in DJ Max 1 and 2? (Archived)RC Cruz me32/22/2009
Can you turn off the auto correct system? (Archived)
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Is this a port or a compilation from the other releases (Archived)Sufida62/21/2009
ok I have to ask about the green notes. (Archived)Waven_Lights62/21/2009
This game is awesome. (Archived)
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Difficulty FAQ (Archived)tedisthebest72/21/2009
Thinking about playing. Which DJMax is the Best/Most Difficult? (Archived)
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What difficulty and speed should someone play if they are new to DJ Max? (Archived)
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Whats with the difficulty of this game? Conflicting review opinions... (Archived)
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Why is there only first kiss song is claz only!!!! (Archived)Ledah4952/21/2009
No one plays online?` (Archived)Wo0Ya62/21/2009
HELP Animal Crew Mission =( (Archived)kokerxero52/21/2009
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Nightmare on 6 button makes me wish >.> (Archived)Edage62/21/2009
Summertime Gear! (Archived)
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