Should I play Bioshock 1 first?

#1mumpsy21Posted 7/21/2012 10:05:27 AM
My uncle got me this game and I've been resisting the urge to play because I haven't played the first one. Do I need to know the story of the first game? Story's very important to me, so I won't play it if I can't understand it yet.
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#2ElBorak77Posted 7/23/2012 9:07:28 PM
yes you definitely have to play b1 first.
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#3hhap52Posted 7/26/2012 6:42:50 PM
The story is very good on the first one, so if you care about that stuff you should play it. You could also get by reading the plot online although bioshock 2 doesn't directly follow the storyline of the first.
#4TransdudePosted 7/26/2012 8:35:03 PM
Yes if you want to know how everything got so f***ed up.

You can still play Bioshock 2, but you will understand about half of the plot.
#5MeLikeyPiePosted 8/19/2012 5:57:30 AM
Yeah dude, definitely play the first one. It's probably like 10 bucks on Amazon.
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