favorite character?

#1xKryptonKnightxPosted 3/21/2009 1:06:33 AM
Which is your favorite overall? I don't know half the names, but I'd say the character with the multi-ball power. I just like his surprising points potential on a lot of the boards.
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#2Seven_ZombisPosted 3/21/2009 8:42:53 AM
the pumpkin
i swear people hear get dumber every day .... Nah, too easy.
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#3Dessie_HullPosted 3/25/2009 12:28:21 PM
The Rabbit can win the game for you in one shot if you're lucky
#4slavo316Posted 3/25/2009 4:16:44 PM
The unicorn or the rabbit.
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#5utensil81Posted 3/25/2009 5:42:34 PM
The rabbit

I think his name is Warren
#6johnbakiePosted 3/26/2009 8:09:27 AM
Yeah, Warren is great for multiplayer and point challenges due to his chance of getting the triple points and the magic hat, which can help you get Orange Attack for a huge point bonus.
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