Censor removal mod?

#21360leechPosted 11/22/2011 10:36:56 PM
This is were the mod originated but you have to be a member to get it.
You can get it free elsewhere...
#22360leechPosted 11/22/2011 10:51:29 PM
HvN from cheat happens managed to remove the censor blocks and the orange layer by replacing those files with a "blank" shader. The actual character model texture you end up with is a "Barbie/Ken Doll".

Screenshot can be found here. Even though there's not any naughty bits on the character model I blocked out strategic bits to make it less inappropriate. Image host site will also request age verification (not like that really helps anyway )

Make a backup copy of the shaders.vpp_pc file located in: your_SRTR_base_install_dir\packfiles\pc\cache

Then extract my uploaded shader file into that same folder, replacing the current file. My file is quite a bit bigger than the original file, but I put that down to my limited knowledge of the unpack/pack utility I used.

Mods, if this post is inappropriate in any way please remove it.

Modded file:

My previous post is a full nude mod.. its a re-skinning which means its not like this where it looks like a barbie doll, the full nude mod re-skinning has your junk showing with hair and all bits in their full glory
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You have my gratitude kind sir, I just want the eye-raping mosaic out of my face. I am perfectly fine with barbie doll look lol.
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Do you have this full nude mod?
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Thanks a lot for the link, bumfun. How about male? Does he have a d***?
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