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User Info: sbrute

5 years ago#1
For some reason I can't link my psn account on the website.
In fact when I go to that page the id logos for Xbox 360 and PS3 disappear.
I click on the link button and nothing happens.
Anybody no what I did wrong?
Thanks in advance.
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User Info: xXxGuNzIxXx

5 years ago#2
ur actualy sposed to link them on the demo when u click on upload character it should come up with account link need or something

User Info: firemike

5 years ago#3
no script and ad-block or other pop-up blockers will interfere with it, I had to set allowances when I was trying to link up my account. For 360 apparently you link it from the 360 but for ps3 it looks like you link from the site side.
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User Info: uwishuwereme17

5 years ago#4
i was just havin the same problem i was using internet explorer I closed it out cause it wouldn't work and loaded firefox. Worked just fine then.
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