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5 years ago#1
I beat the one with the motorcycle on Hard but can't beat the one with the ATV (Hard). It's like the more faster I go and the more cars and people I hit, the less time I end up having. This one time I hit more vehicles than ever (with the all vehicles have nitrous upgrade) only to end up not making it past the few checkpoints, while another time I barely used the nitrous and hit only a few vehicles and made it to 10/12 checkpoints. If I have to hit vehicles and people to acquire seconds, why do I end up with LESS seconds? I used nitrous all the way and hit nearly every vehicle I came across without any braking, and I still couldn't beat it. What gives?
5 years ago#2
You earn time from blowing things up, but that time is not applied to your clock until after you pass the next checkpoint.

Say that it takes 20 seconds to drive straight from X to Y, and you have 30 seconds on your clock. So you decide to take extra time blowing stuff up. You might earn an additional 45 seconds in the process, but you won't get to use them if you fail to make it to checkpoint Y before your original 30 seconds expire.
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5 years ago#3
I know that, but no seconds are added to my clock even at the checkpoints. I ran over 10 people and when I get to the checkpoint, I end up with the SAME amount of seconds had I not ran over them. It makes no difference whether I smash into people/cars or not. I don't have any cheats applied either. The other trailblazing (Hard) with the bike was a cakewalk, this is impossible.
5 years ago#4
Ok NVM, I just figured out that it's a waste of time running over vehicles. It was 10 times easier riding on the sidewalk and running over people for 10 times more seconds. It's amazing how easy things get when you figure out strategies.
5 years ago#5
That doesn't answer your initial problem, though.
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5 years ago#6
Yeah once I figured out to run over the people it was 100% easier.
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5 years ago#7
I completed this by going for people. Vehicles only give you 1 sec, while people give two and you can run over multiple people at one time to get a huge bonus.
5 years ago#8
ya dont need speed boost

just hit ppl, they are worth 2sec while cars are worth 1sec
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