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5 years ago#1
topic. using a Netgear N300. says it's a good router for gaming (300 Mbps transfer rate I believe) for both ps3's wired connection. getting the rubberband effect and utter lag, especially while both players are using car.

it's apparently all the same issues the PC is getting for LAN Co-op.

I'm rather stumped that I'm even getting any lag. starting to believe it's a game related issue that requires something like a patch to fix it entirely.

any suggestions?
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5 years ago#2
Just to update on a few specs since yesterday.

I am using two PS3's and a Netgear router "WNR2000v3" to play co-op LAN without internet access, so basically like a system link via router.

connecting the PS3's together works like a charm. No issues here, yet what I'm experiencing is varying degrees of lag, especially while both players are in a car together or even driving two separate cars. Sometimes combat lags as well when things get hectic.

I just picked up what seemed to be a decent router (was stated online to get a cheap $20 range router for offline LAN since it shouldn't need too big of a router to deal with such a simple connection). I decided to pick up this one due to it saying it was decent for gaming.

As of today, I updated the router and I will be testing out the connection again today. I tried looking through the router's settings to see if I could somehow "fine tune" the router for gaming specs but nothing seems to be present for such a task.

I'm really not sure why I'm getting such massive lag issues when it's offline co-op through a decent router.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to fixing the lag issue?
Dark Kat: "I anticipated this!"
5 years ago#3
so its been a couple of days now. I'm now using a more superior router: Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Ggiabit Router-Premium Edition.

This router was highly recomended for LAN play with PC and Console gaming. unfortunately, it seems the lag issue is no doubt a game issue within itself and needs to be addressed.

I am wondering how terrible the lag must be online play via network if system link through a nice router is still laggy and unstable.

hoping there's a patch to resolve this issue asap. I also heard that the PC suffers from this issue with LAN regardless of both computers specs. It just baffles me that a game like borderlands runs smoothly system linked (like any game should since there's little to no travel for communications between systems) and Saints Row the Third is running like brick through mud XD.

I suppose I'll change my question to this: Is anyone else experiencing lag issues co-op and has anyone got some kind of magical fix for this issue?
Dark Kat: "I anticipated this!"
5 years ago#4
"me that a game like borderlands runs smoothly system linked ("

It's SR3. Probably have to patch it if V actually focuses on the minority. I hope they do patch it :)
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