Now that I've finished the game, I guess I can post my rant now.

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  3. Now that I've finished the game, I guess I can post my rant now.
4 years ago#1

This game was just utter crap. Why you ask? I know it was supposed to be a spoof from Grand Theft Auto IV, but they just went a little bit over the top. Gangsta's In Space? Gimme a break. Voice acting was horrible and the storyline was just excruciating to sit through. The only thing that was good about it was the gameplay and the customization, but other than that, I just feel like this was a wasted $60. Think I'll just stick with GTA.

4 years ago#2
Cool story bro. Thanks for the heads up.
4 years ago#3
The game wasn't supposed to be a spoof of anything, and definitely didn't have anything to do with GTA IV. The game was basically a self-satire of its own genre.

The game does suck, but not for the reasons you've stated. I had no problem with the voice acting, which was just as good as it was in the first two games, which was pretty top-notch.

However, the story was indeed trash (mainly because it basically ignores EVERYTHING that happened in the first two games), and the customization was mediocre at best because it took a few steps back from SR2's insane customization.
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4 years ago#4
Normally I don't fall into the troll bait traps, but I've decided to get in on this one with...

dumb post is dum, derp
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4 years ago#5
But he's right. This game really sucks. It's like something that should have come out at console launch it's so limited and stripped. TC isn't trolling.
4 years ago#6

I'm not trolling, that's my geniuine opinion. People who play video games doesn't have to like every single game they play.

4 years ago#7
I wouldn`t say it *sucks* overall, it`s just not that great. It`s inferior overall to it`s predecessor, and is quite poor sandbox-wise.
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4 years ago#8
I thought the game was fun but the story was weak compared to SR2.
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4 years ago#9
That wasn't much of a rant...
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4 years ago#10
the gameplay was improved but every other aspect of the game took a massive hit
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  3. Now that I've finished the game, I guess I can post my rant now.

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