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so... (Archived)cgoodbread24211/5/2011
How many voices are there? (Archived)
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The streets are really shiny and reflective. (Archived)FOXSOLID411/5/2011
does the demo have any multiplayer? (Archived)kelkickz711/5/2011
Question after that "demo" thing (Archived)brookhaven_hell611/5/2011
What do you all think of my guy? (Archived)
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SR3 BETTER Have This (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Makeshift search feature for created characters on saintsrow.com... (Archived)POOKISTAN111/5/2011
Does anyone know if this will be for sale on PSN? (Archived)KingKudaKane711/5/2011
whats your character colour scheme usually? (Archived)
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Rate my characters (Archived)snake_dante44111/4/2011
How to take photo of my character? (Archived)snake_dante44611/4/2011
Best Character Creator Ever (Archived)
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Rate my 4 characters (Used imageshack instead of the SR site, so you can enter) (Archived)edwdesir211/4/2011
Do you really start with everything unlocked? (Archived)bootrick2010811/4/2011
So I just picked up SR2 at Gamestop...... (Archived)Nightowl99711/4/2011
The Terminator (Archived)Mikass0071011/4/2011
Summarize Saint's Row 1 & 2 plots.... (Archived)
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Initiation Station- Are these outfit parts most/all of the parts in the game? (Archived)
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Was planning on getting Saint's Row the third on the PS3....... (Archived)GrimSkill511/4/2011
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