Hand Josh over to Stag?

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4 years ago#1
So what exactly happens if I hand Josh over to Stag? How exactly do Stag help with taking over the city?
4 years ago#2
they give you an extra area takeover like you can buy from the bonus upgrades
4 years ago#3
Uh huh, and how is the Night Blade homie? Do I get his outfit at least?
4 years ago#4
You get both Josh and his Night Blayde persona as homies, but you don't get his outfit to wear yourself. Night Blayde has hilarious quotes in battle though, so he's worth it for the humor alone.
4 years ago#5
Nice, I was wondering about this as well. I kept Josh because I figured handing him over would be like rolling over to STAG, and if they didn't give you a choice, your character would make the most senseless, dangerous, ballsy move available.
4 years ago#6
To me, keeping him was the most logical choice character wise. Why would the leader of the MF'in Saints bow down? Also I thought Nyte Blade would be an awesome homie to have, and I was right. I call him ALL the time, definitely a good decision.
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  3. Hand Josh over to Stag?

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