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Well, close enough, anyways.

Now let's see what in here...

*Black Hawk Down (Often) - the helicopters that drop off Stilwater's SWAT personnel are Blackhawk-analogues;
*we suspect more weapons will become available for purchase as the game progresses (though, of course, you're probably going to OSP some of these before then). At this early point in the game, Friendly Fire's gun roster consists of:
-KA-1 Kobra (already possessed; has the tac light by default; first upgrade increases magazine - that's 'magazine', Volition, not 'clip' - size; second upgrade adds suppressor; final upgrade adds laser sight and armor-piercing ammo);
-.45 Shepherd;
-AS3 Ultimax (tac light included by default);
-TEK Z-10 (already possessed; gets incendiary rounds as final upgrade);
-D4th Blossom;
*mounted weapons (i.e. the Bear's MG turret) can overheat. Short controlled bursts for the win;
*riot shields are confirmed to exist;
*a while back, someone opined that Pierce would get his Crowning Moment of Awesome by riding in with the proverbial cavalry to bail you out of a sticky wicket. Whoever you are - you totally called that;
*there seems to be in-mission BGM now. It is not known whether or not this can be overriden by using your PDA's radio/MP3 functionality;
*WARNING - you are not invulnerable while using the UAVs or reviving your partner (which latter action takes a couple of seconds - be sure the immediate vicinity is tango-free first);
*still not sold on the idea of not being able to use your character (albeit sans any earned upgrades) in the horde mode. Still looks fun, however
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a 51 minute video


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Co-op looks as fun as ever.

The in-game dialogue was hilarious!

And I like that music plays outside of vehicles.
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Ryozo posted...
(tac light included by default)

Don't get me started now....... :D
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And now, some protips (folks over on the official SR3 forums are of the opinion that the presenters were not playing at their best).

*that mission could be your first and safest opportunity to get a Bear or armed Bulldog (springing Johnny back in SR2 presented a similar opportunity for a Peacekeeper);
*grabbing the UAV console triggers the next part of the mission. So before doing so, consider blockading the warehouse with vehicles or otherwise finding a relatively inaccessible nearby locaction you can quickly run to;
*if playing co-op, only one player should be using the UAV at any given time; the other should be watching their back
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wow that video was...
thank you
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super awesome
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