Anybody actually liked this game and played the 2nd one?

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3 years ago#1 ^ first off, I'll just say one thing. This thread has pretty much all my feelings about the third.

But, I would like to add afew more (since it is locked).
A lot of the missions in Saints Row the Third are pretty lame. It feels like half of them introduce you to the side missions. While compared to saints row 2 you did like 10 missions per gang. The side missions like Escort, Snatch...they tie in the every single one in the story mode. Right away you just took out 1/3 of the side missions since we did the easy mode for each one.

Also, I liked the old hidden places. This goes with how you can't enter buildings. In SR2, you had strip clubs (there is one still but it is dumb, with a broken elevator). There was a massive hidden mall as well in SR2, sold different stuff and was sweet to go in.

Upgrading vehicles. You can only put nitro, in SR2 you could make it so you could have the vehicle bounce, I for one enjoyed popping my back tires up and locking them like it just for a change. Also, lets use the Raycaster. In SR2, you had better color adjucements, you could change the colors on it better. SR3 you have like two areas you can paint, the very top, and the base. Some vehicles still do, but for the most part the vehicles are low in the ability to pain them. I enjoyed making my vehicles saint row colors and looking good. Now, cannot do that because All i can do is make half the car one color and the other half a different one if i wanted.

Weapons. I wont complain about how i cannot wield one pistol (i thought that was fun back in SR2 and kick ass).
But the true complaint is how you get like 2 guns per weapon. 2 pistols, 2 smgs, 2 rifles. But wait, you can unlock a third one for most of shotgun, rifle, can unlock a third one..but wait again...they have a overheat and so they are annoying as heck even though your other weapons have unlimited ammo these still overheat and are just dumb.
Explosives...unless you picked the c4 get NOTHING but a stupid rocket. Sweet, nice options.
I for one liked the katana from SR2, I liked the animation to stab them and then kick them off or just cut them up. Police, First off i miss entering their building and just shooting the place up that was fun. Also, why no female cops? I mean it is really no big deal but all the cops are the same and boring. Thirdly, if you have a crew and they shoot one you get wanted idk if it was a bug but had it happen. Johnny...what the heck? You killed the dude off right away. And if you ask me it was a pretty lame death for a crazy dude like him.

No where to travel or little reason to play after doing everything. SR2 you had many different types of areas. A college campus, the mountains, a motorhome park. Many different areas...SR3 is all the same city like places.
I find myself in zombie island half the time.

Cribs, cannot change how they look at all from the inside. Only the outside can you change, and even then once you do so cannot change back. All the cribs are either the same or some junk place you never want to go to. SR2 each crib was unique and fun to go to. These ones, either it is somebody's home which is trashy...or you go to the same look a like crib that has a few gang memebers and strippers. And your gang members are just standing, not doing anything cool like pool or cards. The first major crib you get is the only good one, just because it has a lot of stuff and different.

I have my dude upgraded so i can never die...yet i can sometimes die from an explosion while in my car/jet/helicopter, wtf?

Also, I heard they are making a 4th, actually have been...shouldn't you completely finish the 3rd before you even start with the 4th?
3 years ago#2
I know going from 3 to 2, I'm not enjoying it nearly as much. Control and gameplay hurdles are too much to overcome to enjoy whatever vast playground 2 offers. My experience with 3 was a 20 hour romp that was filled with, IMO, quality gameplay. 2 just feels, off, in comparison.
3 years ago#3
What a ridiculous question. Yea, its cool to rag on this game, but it is still a very fun game. I played SR 1 and 2 right before playing 3 and still enjoyed the hell out of this game.
3 years ago#4
Mission structure was just plain better in 2. Dramatic things happened, and the enemies were more interesting. This game seemed like it was a cop out story wise.
3 years ago#5
SR 3 is a great game and I had alot of fun playing through it....but SR 2 is still the best in the series for me so far and one of the best games ive ever played in all my days of gaming since the Atari 2600 days.
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3 years ago#6
It's alright. It's better to play 3 like Just Cause 2. Start the game and just muck about for a bit ignoring the missions.

I forgive SR3's shortcomings because they moved to a new engine and had to create what they could under a short deadline. I fully expect SR4 to be amazing since they have SR3's resources to add onto.
3 years ago#7
Yea the controls are a lot for players that played the 2nd first (probably most) it was weird playing the 3rd one.
3 years ago#8
And I'm not saying Sr3 is bad, I'm playing it. I have 66 hours put in it. I just mess around and what not, but really hope they improve the 4th one.

And I know for a fact there is a 4th one. They were making it before the 3rd even fully came out...which I think is a stupid idea.
3 years ago#9
I have 100% SRTT after buying all the mission dlc. So I decided to return to stilwater. Yeah the city is huge, but I found myself using fast travel alot for the most part.

I can also see why some of the activities didn't make it over to the 3rd game. The game play mechanics are terrible for them. (The flying races come to mind.)

I forgot that having sr2 dlc on your save prevented you from joining or inviting a friend for co op; unless you delete dlc or both the save and start from scratch. (This bites very much)

I still like 2, it just took me a little while to adjust. Once I was able to change my driving controls to use brake and accelerate on the triggers - I was good to go.

IMO, I prefer to play SRTT in co op and SR2 single play only.
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