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Beat the game, but would love if someone could explain it for me? (spoilers!) (Archived)MilaxMinium411/1/2013
So I missed my chance to crack Magic Yin from Amane... (Archived)MoodyHoe210/11/2013
usrcheat.dat request... (Archived)frozendragon150110/5/2013
Looking for the song... (Archived)MilaxMinium29/28/2013
Is it possible (Archived)chronosxgp38/19/2013
This or Overclocked? (Archived)barreldragon8848/12/2013
I think I broke the game.... (Archived)Sunny3oy18/4/2013
MC Magic build (Minor spoilers) (Archived)matux9937/27/2013
How do you know which path I'm on? (Archived)travadinho37/27/2013
never played it, couple of questions....this board alive? (Archived)ANARCHYRULZ67/23/2013
Going from Persona to this... (Archived)CrimsonMoonMist37/15/2013
Whew! Well I beat the game. (Archived)ForceFan56/28/2013
Kudlak fight (spoiler) (Archived)
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AR Code to unlock Loki, Metatron etc? (also magic MC vs beldr) (Archived)MegaDuran76/22/2013
This game rocks (Archived)ForceFan26/22/2013
Dammit Yuzu.... *end game spoilers* (Archived)TheFuzz3451106/21/2013
First time playing a SMT game, which fusions should I try to get? (Archived)xtreemmasheen3k226/15/2013
Belial and demon help (Archived)ancientsamoht25/31/2013
"Attack out of range" or "Re-Move and Re-Attack" Action Replay Code? (Archived)KenServer15/29/2013
have I messed up my future fight with lucifer (Archived)EPIC_FAIL99925/21/2013
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