Rumor: US released by Atlus?

#1CodeGeassGundamPosted 5/9/2010 2:28:48 AM
I was tried to contact Atlus on Atlus USA's forum. But I can't post a new Topic about, "Last Bullet DS". I want Atlus to be release in North America. Before I post a Topic on Atlus USA's forum. I started contact message for Atlus. Here it is:

Dear Atlus USA,

I got my idea. My plan is to make the English translation game from Japan. It called, Last Bullet for DS by FuRyu. But we need to ask FuRyu for a permission to make a English translation version. I played it and it look fun. I love this game. But it Japanese version. I want this game to be release in North America. Then we could play this game in English.

Love, Master Chief Snake (CodeGeassGundam)

Then I send it to Atlus USA, but I also send my e-mail to Atlus USA. As now, I'll post in Game Suggestions catergory about "Last Bullet DS" at Atlus USA forum. I also post on Atlus Online and talk about Last Bullet topic. Here is the website forum, but I can't make access link. Sorry. Just copy and paste on website address bar. That is all I have to say.