This Game is Actually Pretty Good!

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7 years ago#1
Believe it or not, but the demo for this game is incredibly addictive! It may look and play very old school but it has an excellent nostaliga effect. Not to mention the story and whole universe seems very interesting. I especially like the use of muskets against spider walkers.
7 years ago#2
I don't doubt its playability, I just doubt its graphic quality. I'm gonna go ahead, and download it tonight though to check it out... It kinda reminds me of something of the Warhammer genre.
7 years ago#3
Ok I've decided that the gameplay isn't all that bad, I just hope they pump up the graphics to something like Quake 4 maybe hopefully. Anyways it seems more like a beta version then an actual demo, so I've got high hopes for the future of this game. :D
7 years ago#4

The game is $24.95 and is on the Q3 engine, quit complaining. It isn't detrimental to the gameplay. It runs very smooth.

I'm hopelessly addicted to the demo at the moment. I'll shell out the money when I can afford it. I'm going to play the demo on LAN with a friend.

I still can't beat the demo on medium :/ I can't find the officer when he appears so they just keep coming.

7 years ago#5
Yea I just recently read the article pertaining to this game that states all of the facts you've layed down. I find it interesting that they didn't use a more modern engine to run on, but that's just my opinion. I still in fact am wanting to purchase this game due to it's quality... You don't get too many quality games that run on oldschool engines, that's basically the just of my complaints, but this one is extremely unique.
7 years ago#6

it looks like it belongs in the N64.

ah well... I guess every game has a following.

7 years ago#7
Sigh.... not every game has to be all about the graphics. Yes, they are terrible by todays standards but who cares? Its a really unique game and it truly is a lot of fun. Plus it only costs $25. After playing for only 10 minutes or so I forgot about the subpar graphics and was totally focused on the gameplay. For anyone who likes multiplayer shooter games but wants something a little different this is perfect.
7 years ago#8
I didnt realy like the gameplay, and it seemed a little boring, but i agree that the universe it is set in is very interesting. If the gameplay was different I might would buy it.
7 years ago#9

I actually like this game becauseit's graphic requirements is low

Never liked games with high graphic requirements....

and its gameplay is awesome. They are saying they are going to put more addons later too

7 years ago#10
Yes this product will be quite intriguing when the finished product comes onto the market.
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