Iron Grip in $5 Indie Cleaver Pack on Steam!

#1GenrohPosted 11/26/2010 3:22:12 PM
Black Friday sale on Steam! In the "Indie Cleaver Pack" you get the following:

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time
Iron Grip: Warlord
World of Goo

All these. In one pack. For only $4.99 (plus tax).

It's for today only so get it while you can!
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#2Red_JesterPosted 11/28/2010 3:12:23 PM
I bought this pack just to give Iron Grip a try. It was fun for an hour or two, but... I think I've seen and done everything there is to do in the game now. Kind of light on content it seems. At least I also get to give VVVVVV a try.
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