Can I play without going through Steam???

#1OnevillageidiotPosted 3/5/2010 5:30:41 PM
I'm a guy with a laptop. I bought the retail so I don't have to get on a solid line everytime I want to play. So why the F-ING HELL do I have to go through Steam EVERY DAMN TIME?!?! I actually have the whole game downloaded, I've had my internet disconected mid-game, and it worked just fine. But to open it up, I have to go through Steam.

Ugh. Anyways, my question is this: Is there a shorcut that goes straight to SupCom2? I don't care for the Multiplayer (yet), so I don't need a constant connection. Please help!! Thanks
#2ModhiriPosted 3/5/2010 5:37:32 PM
If you open Steam and click on the "File" tab up top, you'll see an option to "Go Offline." Use that and it shouldn't bother you again about needing a connection.