Problem with recognizing running speed

#1Darklighter7Posted 1/8/2010 1:04:46 PM
My wife and I are both trying to do the 30 day challenge. During the track portions, we both run at very close to the same speed and rhythm, but while it seems to track me well and think I'm doing fine, it always seems to think she is going slower than she should.

what’s more weird is that sometimes it says she’s going the right speed...and then without her changing anything, it says she’s going too slow.

Anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions?
#2FemmeFromMarsPosted 1/11/2010 8:46:42 AM
Hard to say. The thing is temperamental sometimes. She could try raising her knees more or working her arms. Is the nunchuck button facing toward the outside (right) on her legstrap? You might also try playing with where the nunchuck holder is on the leg - more toward the outside vs. toward the middle. You also might try moving closer to the sensor.
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