Need MUCH stronger resistance bands!

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7 years ago#1
Ok -- obviously the bands that come with it are not very good for adults. Got a kit that STILL isn't very strong. I'm wondering -- is there a BRAND of bands I can use to really get some resistance? E.g. I comfortably curl 35lb dumbells 20 times, and am not looking to be a MONSTER even staying with something in that range would be perfect. Anyone have any thoughts or direction?

That being said, I'm hooked -- this game is GREAT!
7 years ago#2
Answered my own question, and I'm sure more of you will wonder the same. Spent my lunch break going from store to store. The Brand I've found to go with is simply "Fitness Gear" -- got the 25lb and 30lb (will run you about $25/piece -- but considering how much you spent for the Sports stuff already ...)

Handles can switch out, which is REALLY nice. Too, unless you plan on doing some major body building, this has you covered.
7 years ago#3
omg I think I would break my wrist with 35 lb dumbells, lol.
I use resistance tube things. They're a little awkward because of the padded handles but I've gotten used to them and they work fine. I have no idea what their ratings are.
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  3. Need MUCH stronger resistance bands!

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