neo spacian deck?

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7 years ago#1
Note: Only meant for casual play. Generic practice matches on wifi all day casual.

I know they arn't exactly great, but some of them look cool so i'm using them. >_>

But from what i've seen, they are extremely inefficient. it's like, get neo space out on the field ASAP then use 3 turns to do a contact fusion.

1.summon neos alius.
2. play neo spacian.
3. contact fuse.
4. if you don't have neo space, you better have enjoyed that.

so...what exactly can you do to make a neo spacian deck work? >_>
Ike: Your friends?
7 years ago#2
Coccoon party can generate ridiculous field advantage if used at the right time, but is a tad hard to pull off. Covert Contact is pretty meh as a draw engine, but it lets you pull that off faster.

Other than that, good luck trying to make the best out of a pretty weak decktype.; Pokemon Platinum FC: 3524-1542-9611
7 years ago#3
Using Hero's Mask or Prisma makes this deck a little faster in getting a Contact Fusion and you can easily get a 2500 beatstick via O-Oversoul.
7 years ago#4
Don't bother trying to Contact Fuse.

Neo-Spacians have an awesome draw engine or two that you may be able to find a way to take advantage of. Back when DAD was at 2 I had a really fast Neo Spacian deck going with Panther, Mole, and Dolphin. The optimal play was to quickly turbo draw into a DAD play, then Normal Summon the Dolphin and rip their best out to the situation from their hand.

I don't think that would be possible now, but Iunno.
7 years ago#5
Update: This deck seems pretty decent.

Flame scarab isn't bad.

Going first with air humming bird is epic. Instant 2500lp boost!

Question though.

I had my Ehero Black Panther Neos & neo space out and whenever my turn ended, it asked if I wanted to activate its effect. So I'm like "That's a neat, it reminds you if you want to use its effect, lastminute."
My opponents turn ended, it asked me again for the effect, I said yes. He didn't deactivate the enemies monster's ability, it just exploded the MOMENT I said yes. WTF happened there? It even costed me the duel. :(
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7 years ago#6
help? ._.
Ike: Your friends?
7 years ago#7
Neo Space doesn't negate the Neos Fusion's ability to return to the extra deck; it simply gives you the option not to use it. Therefore, at the end of each turn, you are still given the choice if you want to activate this effect. Therefore, when asked at the end of the turn "Do you wish to activate X Neos effect?, it is asking if you want to activate the return to extra deck effect.
7 years ago#8
oh, ty.
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