Clan Starting Look Inside, you wont be dissapointed!

#1SlobberDobbzzPosted 5/17/2012 7:46:07 PM
so I'm looking at starting a clan online, not gonna be doing any of this roleplay stuff(although it isn't being ruled out!)
I actually pay attention to the clan members input and not being selfish all the time
You don't need to change your gamertag to the clans name (waste of money for a bit of fun really)
And lastly we can all decide on one paticular thing to iconize us as a clan (if iconize is a word, I'm illiterate) and find a building or building interior to call our base (like the AOD Clubhouse, its better than the losts place!) And certain vehicles to drive etc, we could even have our own turf?

So I'm gonna expect replies/adds on XBL from this (:D I'm optimistic) and what's wrong with a bit of harmless online fun?!?
I'm on all hours of the day/night I'm living in the UK, Time Zone is GMT London
And my Gamertag is: SlobberDobzz
Be sure to read/reply to this if your interested, any age/race/gender is welcome, I'm a relaxed kinda guy!

From Dan Dawson
Gamertag: SlobberDobzz. Twitter: @Dobby_93