So I just got my GameInformer...

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Uncharted 2 is the cover story with (what I believe is) the first screens of the game.

- The biggest thing in the article IMO is that there's a new girl named Chloe Frazer. GI asked about Elena and Sully's return but they had no comment.
- The story is about looking for the ships that Marco Polo "lost" while returning home to Italy.
- Melee combat is more dynamic now.
- They mentioned they were using only 30% of the PS3's power with Drake's Fortune and are planning to use nearly 100% with Among Thieves.
- A demo was shown to GI with Drake going through a city (I believe in Nepal), and he's stealthily taking out guards and escaping the city.
- Nolan North returns to be Drake and Chloe Frazer is played by Claudia Black (Stargate SG-1, Fargate).
- The Sixaxis mechanics were ditched for such things as throwing grenades.
- One of the weapons revealed is a rocket launcher that Chloe uses (might only be for the cinematic).
- There are no load screens.
- The score is being composed by Greg Edmonson (same guy from the first one).
- Weapons can be used in any stance (running, behind cover, hanging, climbing a wall, etc.).
- You can now move while aiming behind cover.

Sorry if that's old or a lot. There's some other stuff that they talk about but I'm not sure how to explain. Also, I've already found an easter egg. In one of the screenshots there is a sign to "Hotel El Dorado".
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I love what I'm hearing of the stealth gameplay and fleshed out melee combat.

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Would posting scans be against the ToS? I'd like to see this article, thanks for the information btw.
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They already have a playable demo. That is a good sign. Thanks for the post.
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Yes, it would. But someone will post them somewhere, so I suggest if you see them, save them quick.

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- I'm not sure how to explain this one so this is what it says:
"In Uncharted 2, every character fully interacts with the dynamic geometry moving around them, and environments in the background are real parts of the game world"
"If Drake's on top of a train, he's going to be shaking with the train as it moves around"
"As he gets inside, his moveset is going to change, and he's going to be a lot more secure because the wind's not blowing."

- The graphics look better than Uncharted 1.
- Button sequence cinematics such as the final boss have changed so now Drake is now fully controllable in these parts...I think (This one's also hard to describe).
- Climbing seems improved upon. You can climb lamp posts now among other new things.
- If there is an enemy patrolling a rooftop you're climbing a wall to, you can pull him off the roof while hanging on the wall.

It also mentions a few of the places Drake visits but I don't know if you want it spoiled. It tells you where the game ends.

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Scan is up here.
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More info please.
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Where is my copy!? Man, I'm going to have to interrogate the mailman again.
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I'm calling it right now - Elena and Sully die in the train scene just before the teaser trailer.

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