Whats the blue ninja icon next to my weapon drop?

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7 years ago#1

I think its whenever I stealth kill anyone, but sometimes the weapons the enemy drops have a blue icon with the face of a ninja or masked man ... yet the weapon doesnt seem to do anything else different .. .it happens on grenades, and I think I saw it on a gun a couple times, too.

Anyone know what this means? Thanks.

7 years ago#2
come on someone knows!
7 years ago#3
i dont
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7 years ago#4
It could be noted as you doing stealth kills.

If you do it more, you could earn the Master Ninja medal.
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7 years ago#5
Like in this video.

*SPOILERS* though...


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7 years ago#6
well for those of us who dont want spoilers, and therefore wont click the link, could you elaborate? Is that clip what Im describing?
7 years ago#7
p.s. stealth is SOO much better in U2 than U1 -- but I still dont understand why they dont have a crouch button ... L3 and R3 are mostly unused unless aiming
7 years ago#8
Well... It's not actually 'spoiler' spoiler in the video.

Actually, it's already been released by IGN.

The video length is only 42 seconds.

There aren't any story spoiler in it though.

Just a jungle level where Drake doing some stealth kills.

Check it out your self.
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7 years ago#9
I was wondering the same thing. I though it would have been cool if those weapons did more damage or held more ammo, but from what I can tell, they don't do anything.
7 years ago#10
thanks there arent really any spoilers except for general location, if you can even call that a spoiler. And yeah, Ive been there, thats from chapter 3 i think.

But thats not what I mean, the master ninja medal frmo the video looks totally different ... the blue icon appears literally ON TOP of the weapon drops icon, like they are the same thing... and its small, like the size of the grenade itself in the icons picture
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  3. Whats the blue ninja icon next to my weapon drop?

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