help with stupid spinny cylinder puzzle? *spoilers*

#1Sin JackalPosted 10/16/2009 4:03:38 AM
After the scene where you get the dagger back from Chloe, you drop the things onto the floor tiles, then you have to set some spinny cylinder things.

Well. . .according Drake's journal, I did them right, but nothing happens. Can anyone help me with this? I'm stuck here.
#2Nelo_PortgasPosted 10/16/2009 4:07:28 AM
You're probably doing the Tiger cylinder wrong. I was stuck there as well, thinking I'd done it all correctly. Its just that the Tiger has a sort of... weird symbol. Keep turning that cylinder until the game clicks.

#3jameelinusPosted 10/16/2009 4:07:40 AM
your topic is a spoiler in itself. hehe

look at the journal again. look at the page where it tells you the colors and shapes--and letters.

each time you drop it in the right place, the platform where you drop it on goes down.

it's easy, just look at the journal.
#4Sin Jackal(Topic Creator)Posted 10/16/2009 4:11:39 AM
I was talkin about the part after that :P

And I had the tiger and snake mixed up somehow :X