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7 years ago#1

So I bought a brand new PS3 and a Brand New copy of Uncharted 2 about four days ago.

It worked fine for my brother who played up to Chapter 18. Then I played upto Chapter 7 and I died where you see that tank underneath you when you are on the ledge, (this is when you have the reporters with you, after you cross the river). Then the game would not reload. So I tried it again by choosing chapter select, (as at this point loading the game from the option menu wouldn't work). When I finally managed to get the game loaded through chapter select I got back to this Tank part and realised the only button that would work was the Melee attack 'Square' button, jump, or pull out my gun would not work and in the background it was all black and it appeared to be a big glitch.

What would you guys recommend i do? Delete my Uncharted 2 Files and Start all over again, or should I hire out Uncharted 2 from my local video store and see if I can get past the point in the game I am stuck in, thus I would know that my copy of Uncharted 2 is faulty and I could take it back to the store

What do you guys think?

7 years ago#2
Recently, I was playing Sanctuary co-op, and I noticed there were no crates on the bridge before the last area. I was puzzled, but continued on with my friend. He appeaered to be taking cover next to nothing, and told me I was running through the boxes. I could shoot enemies through the cover they were taking, but when we shot the helicopter down, I would always fall through the floor before the doorway and couldn't proceed. I thought I was going to have to call ND or something, but I cleaned the bottom of the disc with Windex, and the level played fine after that.

Clean your disc.
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7 years ago#3
What is the Windex?
As there were grubby little finger marks on the disc left there by my brother, also he said he left the game in the PS3 if this helps?
7 years ago#4
Windex is glass / window cleaner.
7 years ago#5
Okay and I take it thats its safe to use it on game discs?
7 years ago#6
Probably. I've used it to clean circuit boards and electronic switches / potentiometers, etc... All you really need for a disc is a clean, non-abrasive cloth, though. I've never had to use any cleaners on them, but then my discs never get too grubby.
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