Syncing live Data!!!!!

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6 years ago#1

Its taking a p*** now. Well over 15min. Come on now. I havent got all day

6 years ago#2
Happened to me too, it eventuality makes it.
6 years ago#3
i got it too, darn, syncing data, rinse repeat, stupid.
i'll try again tomorrow to see if i can play online again.

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6 years ago#4
mine was nowhere near 15 minutes, more like 3 minutes. but that's still a long time.
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6 years ago#5
this is another reason that you euros lag. you take all day to download a damn live data.
6 years ago#6
Restart'd then tried again. took about 2 mins then. Still shouldnt have been long early on.
6 years ago#7
Mine is taking forever as well.. it took forever when I tried playing over the past few months, as well, but I thought that was attributed to my slow-ass internet. Since we got much faster internet, I was hoping this wouldn't take so long... but I'm afraid that didn't help much.

I would restart my game, but I'm worried it will hurt the data in some way :\
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6 years ago#8
Yeah well I keep having to delete my game data as it won't sync properly.
Heck it's still not syncing properly. I'm stuck on 1.08.587 with no end in sight. Heck it even corrupted my cinema files.
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6 years ago#9
took me 25 minutes...i thought it froze becuz when it was at 60% completion, even after 5 minutes it did not move~

But at least the soccer skins are awesome

6 years ago#10
Sigh, haven't played this for months, thought I was the only one who has this syncing livedata problem. I had to just quit and went back to XBM everytime coz it took more than 5mins, and I didn't have that kind of patience.
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