Where is Siege expansion and other things on UK store?

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Nice joke Whoever is developing Tomb raider,but you are (ironically) now just a knock off Uncharted XD

The DLC is supposingly free,can ANYONE see the dlc?? i want someone to find it as i dont see it,even if i type in siege i still cant find it...

Found it, and the DLC is no longer free. In PS3 Add-ons, Levels and Missions. Use the Filter for Online Multiplayer as well as the filter Z-A. It will be in 6th row down in the left column. Last time I'm helping you find this by the way. If you still can't find it, then too bad.

Thanks ,found it. No idea why it doesnt pop up on the regular search. Is that all DLC btw? Only The Skin pack of Sonys characters,Siege,and thats it?