Uncharted 2 MP trophies help

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4 years ago#1
Are there some people out there who can help me with the Made It, Gold Digger, I told you i was hardcore and the You can't break me trophies, my psn name is WHITE-WOLF1980, hope there are still some people out there who are willing to help.
4 years ago#2
Sure, add me by my sig...
PSN : ohioguy452
4 years ago#3
You can add me if you want. I'll help when I can. :)
"Jesus never let me down"--U2
PSN: U2_Vertigo40
4 years ago#4
When march 5th gets here, I won't be on UC2 anymore.. The new Tomb Raider comes out 3/5. Looks awesome, has a multiplayer, no online code needed, 15 or more hrs of SP alone...got mine pre ordered already..
PSN : ohioguy452
4 years ago#5
Need help with "Tripled" and "Protectorate" trophies.

ID is RolfeFirst

then I can relax
4 years ago#6
I could also use some trophy help. If anyone wants to play together add me.
3 years ago#7
Youtube helps me with trophies in games.
3 years ago#8
I also need help with the mp trophies, my id is Dnl02 add me
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3 years ago#9
I haven't played multiplayer yet. I just beat the single-player game on normal, going for hard now.

So I am up for it:

PSN: mignoncurieux
3 years ago#10
sure, my name is on sig
PSN: DGray_Squally
Now playing: MGS HD Collection, Fallout 3 (PC) , Just Cause 2, Metal Gear Rising Reveangence, Uncharted 2, Tomb Raider
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