The Phone in the Toy Factory

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8 years ago#1
I had gotten to the box in the basement but can not get all the lights to light up. What am I doing wrong?

Also the puzzle at the side of the school....I have done the temperature on the stove, I am trying to take care of this puzzle but do not know what the heck I am doing! HELP!
8 years ago#2
For the phone puzzle, you'll have to turn all the lights and on, and I started the puzzle from the bottom wires and go all the way back to the left. I don't know how to tell you to solve this one, becaue it's kind of hard to describe. And, for the puzzle near the school, if you already change the temperature, look at the top of it, it will now have the patterns that you should copy for the door to the basement next to the school. Good luck!
8 years ago#3
Thank you. I'll try it.
8 years ago#4
I have the puzzle to the basement figured out and completed. Now it is a matter of figuring out the phone. I again thank you for the helpful information.
8 years ago#5
Your welcome. As for the phone puzzle, you start from the left side wires right? And there are two wires if i'm not wrong, pick the bottom one to start, click on it, and there will be 2 lights turned on, again pick the bottom one. Keep going until you turned all the lights on.

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