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User Info: ashtadenkinare

6 years ago#1
Can someone tell me what buttons do I need to press for the critical hearts of Nazuna, Akana, Elsa la Conti, Saki & Kamui.

User Info: Strippin Heat

Strippin Heat
6 years ago#2
After hitting, you have to use precise timing, and at a steady pace enter the commands. Back, down, back, down, back, down, back, down, back+AB.

After hitting, you need to RAPIDLY mash buttons. Getting full damage is incredibly difficult.

It's a two part move. Use her down, up+attack command. When the bullet is at it's highest point, enter the Critical Heart command.

After the first hit, enter down+A, down+B, B, C, E, down+E, D, B, C, up+C, down+C, E. Just hit the next button when the previous attack is hitting. There's a slight pause after the hit that launches you into the air.

Use her standing counter attack (DP+B) and when the enemy hits, before she does the counter, enter the Critical Heart command. I don't remember if you need to be powered up with her down, down+attack or not.
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