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Elsa's move names are based on the source DMC4 got the names from? (Archived)xenosaga12365/3/2009
tournament vids! (Archived)xenosaga12325/3/2009
A tier list? (Archived)OtakuCharmander104/29/2009
Time attack rankings.... But not Time attack mode? (Archived)Sacred_Fire64/29/2009
I REALLY want this to be localized (Archived)
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Just wondered if this game is (Archived)Gaveeno84/27/2009
Nazuna's critical heart (Archived)chidoran24/25/2009
Akanes Ultimate special? (Archived)dalian94/24/2009
I wanna fight Parac L'Sia - How can i do that? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
So has it been finally confirmed? Lieselotte and Zenia. (Archived)SoulStealer_X244/21/2009
Holy Friggin Crap! (Archived)valkyrieslayer34/21/2009
Melty Blood Actress again being ported this August (Archived)dalian104/21/2009
Someone write a detailed review of this game. Please. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Will Smith134/20/2009
does this port have an anime intro like the first game? (Archived)numberrrr24/19/2009
Main Menu Translation & Options Menu Translation (Archived)Shin_Gouki_200034/19/2009
LAG Comparison video (Archived)
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English Wiki for movelist? (Archived)SoulStealer_X224/19/2009
This game is really good (Archived)Beatperson1444/19/2009
Summary of the PS2 port by yours truly, Adolf (Archived)LawlietL34/19/2009
Proper way to approach Parce fight (at least story mode) (Archived)SieKensou34/18/2009
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