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6 years ago#1
What are the easiest gifts to get for everyone. I would like a list with the character's name, followed by a colon and a space. Then, list the easiest items for that character. I would appreciate it if they were easy for players just starting out. For example:

Aurelia: Lumber +3FP, Red Herb +2FP
Ronald: Red Herb +2FP

I would like the easiest way, from the beginning, to get people's friendship up, after the initial questions FP boost to characters.
6 years ago#2
Clara_lin's FAQs section already covered that. Check it out -_-

Under character's profile, clara suggested the items to be gifted. (example: Gwen, Gift: very berry)
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6 years ago#3
Thanks for the info.
6 years ago#4

you can also try this if you want
6 years ago#5
That FAQs is also alright, but I believe clara's to be more detailed and correct.
-If you're gonna trick me, you could've made it believable-

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