To anyone having trouble with Lucy phase 2 (Cross spec)

#1BearChubbs27Posted 2/11/2010 1:22:15 PM
After two days of on and off getting my *** handed to me I finally figured out a solid way to beat him. You'll need level three divine shield and a full redemption bar. I suggest switching out any relics that give you bonus souls or whatever as those don't help you at all against Lucy. Definitely get Antonys standard as that'll get you a full redemption bar much faster than normal.

Basically what I did was work Lucy over with the cross charge attack. I would mix in some scythe but try to finish with the cross charge. This staggers him and allows you to get some bonus scythe hits on him. Basically do your normal dodge till your brains explode routine but you nail him with cross charge whenever you can. He rarely reflects the charge, but almost always reflects a bout of the [ O, O, O, O ]. The biggest advantage to using cross in this phase is that your level two charge will put out Lucy's flames right before he teleports to do his ground pounding or fireballing and will cancel the teleport.

Most of the time I would wait for him to get within range, unleash the level two charge, scythe him a bit, jump back and charge the cross again, dodging whatever I needed to inbetween. When you get low on HP use Divine Shield. When you pop this, you want to ignore strategy and unleash hell with tons of cross and scythe attacks. Go full offensive. Once you burn through 2 divine shields, Lucy should be down to about 60-50% hp and you should have just enough mana for one more. Don't use it yet.

You'll notice you have a full redemption bar. You want to get Lucy to around 40% hp using the strategy above then pop your redemption. Go ape **** now. Never stop attacking. Right after that, pop your divine shield and continue to go ape ****. If you don't push him into phase 3 with that, you'll have full health to continue cross charging and scything until he does. Phase 3 is cake and you should only maybe die once before you beat him.

Good luck. Hope this helps.
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#2Shuo_RagnarokPosted 2/11/2010 1:30:57 PM
Wouldn't the Memory of Acre relic be a good setup for this strategy, since it prevents your cross attacks from being interrupted? I've never tried it out so I wouldn't quite know if it works against Lucy's attacks.
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#3Wu FeiPosted 2/11/2010 1:33:17 PM
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#4BearChubbs27(Topic Creator)Posted 2/11/2010 1:40:04 PM
I did have the memory of acre in use, but I probably should have tossed it. Problem is, you can sit there charging your blast while Lucy gets 2-4 hits on you without stunning you. The worst part is you may not notice your taking the damage while your charging until you notice you've lost a quarter of your hp.

I believe I had memory of acre, antony's standard, and the relic that sometimes heals you when you're low on hp. This sometimes hurts you as well because you do an animation and if game has bad timing, you may be stuck mid animation when lucy does a ranged attack.

Oh, another thing. I mixed in some basic cross attacks, but only did 2 at a time. Less chance to be reflected, and the 4th one makes you do an animation that can get you hit by ranged. I also used some [ Jump + Hold O ] on him. Probably didn't make a difference but the one good thing about that move is that it is unblockable. Lucy can't reflect it back at you if you're right over him, but it does measly damage and I think the three times I used it I immediately got chopped afterward so it's up to you.
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