Just bought and finished this game *spoils*

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User Info: yumeko

6 years ago#1
For $5 from Steam! Thanks Steam.

Anyway, maybe I just suck, but man some of these puzzle pieces were god awful hard. I was kind of excited to read more abstract plot, so by World 6, I was using a guide like half of the time. But, I still enjoyed it! Lots of "God, I would have never thought of that."

As for the story, I didn't get the atomic bomb thing at all until I read some analysis, but it sure as hell blew my mind. And at the final level, I pretty much reacted, "You *****, you're trying to kill me!" to "What did I do wrong?! COME BACK"

Really cool! I'm getting all these nifty indie games thanks to those cheap deals Steam keeps offering, and these are just the type of games/stories I like.
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User Info: Jenslyn87

6 years ago#2

It's an amazing game with an amazing story... the best gaming experience I had in 2008! I myself thought the puzzles were fitting. They were intricate and challenging, but I did manage to beat the game without using a guide. I think it depends on how long you are willing to spend on each individual puzzle, and I didn't mind spending quite a lot of time figuring stuff out just because of the amazing athmosphere in the game

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