glitch on 8th star

#1illpuppetPosted 10/7/2011 8:14:36 AM
I have 7 stars. I've watched a number of videos on attaining the 8th one. I make it to the chandelier in time, but everytime I try to hop on it, I fall through it as it's moving (sometimes I can bounce off it but I still don't get nearly high enough to grab onto the lattice).


The princess explodes and the screen goes bright, and I become stuck in this part of the level. The fire is out, but I can't go backwards more than a single screen because of the path being blocked. I can go forward to the princess' window, and see that the star is in her room, but I can't get to it, and there's nothign else I can activate. I can't go back in time, nothing. So I have to exit the level via the menu, and try again, but it's always the same thing.

When I watch other videos of people getting it, they seem to hop on the chandelier, ride up and grab the lattice, no problem.

Any ideas? It's really frustrating have the game do at a final stage like this, robbing me of my sense of completion.