Screen Tearing Issue (Need Help)

#1joethehobo5Posted 1/14/2013 8:00:38 AM
I need help with a screen tearing issue I am having with this game. I have a Radeon Sapphire 7850 and an Intel i5 2500k processor. I don't think the game is too powerful for my PC, I think it is just the opposite. I have tried everything, I force Vsync in the Catalyst Control Center and I have tried Virtu MVP for my motherboard (Z77 Extreme 4). Nothing seems to work except putting the game in windowed mode, which isn't ideal for me being that I play on a TV sometimes (via HDMI through my GPU). Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix the screen tearing? Is there some way I can force Vsync just in the game? Thanks a bunch.
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