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Can I play without collecting puzzle pieces? (Archived)Relztrah15/26/2014
#73 on the Game Conquerors Top 100 (Archived)fiasco86111/1/2013
Screen Tearing Issue (Need Help) (Archived)joethehobo511/14/2013
THIS GAME IS TOO SHORT. Seriously. (Archived)Q_Sensei19/20/2012
Locked Door in Final Stage (Archived)Q_Sensei38/8/2012
unknown title (drops computer) (uses reverse) Me: Wehw Lol (Archived)dmanrulez1611/25/2012
glitch on 8th star (Archived)illpuppet110/7/2011
Can somebody upload a save with the 7 stars? (Archived)x9168929/22/2011
Things to watch out for? (Archived)MCC170137/6/2011
I can't unsee Conan O'Brien in this game darnit. (Archived)madumlao31/24/2011
Just bought and finished this game *spoils* (Archived)yumeko21/16/2011
Any way to play the PC version on Wii? (Archived)Nyah112/26/2010
This is part of the Humble Indie Bundle #2. (Archived)Silverflash-x (M)212/25/2010
I just downloaded it on mac and I get black screen with music (Archived)geodANGER312/20/2010
Strange massive slowdowns (Epilogue Spoilers) (Archived)GGCrono112/16/2010
Blow on Braid's epilogue, interpretation & the mysterious cloud explained (Archived)Crazyreyn110/27/2010
List of command line parameters (Archived)CriticalJ19/8/2010
Just beaten the game... (spoilers) (Archived)PSP7MASTER16/3/2010
Braid is not art, videogames are beyond art but braid is not because its subpar (Archived)
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Game keeps slowing down. And how I solved it. (Archived)StreetFighter1055/8/2010
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