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screen size.... (Archived)alphamale198937/24/2009
How did you spend your 2 hours... (Spoilers) (Archived)Lachrymosa47/20/2009
Endgame savegame (all puzzles, no stars) (Archived)happybro17/19/2009
Mouse problem. (Archived)kris1327/16/2009
This game is unbelievable and it should be in the hall of fame of Puzzle games (Archived)
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This is a game of sorrow and regret. (Archived)colonelblues9867/11/2009
Braid - World 6, Cascade - The way it wasn't meant to be done (Archived)ridd3r17/11/2009
Game crashes when I use the ESC key (Archived)DarkTree27/6/2009
just wondering, how big is this game? (Archived)x9168947/2/2009
What levels do I still need stars from? (Please no spoilers) (Archived)bigbird1234123427/1/2009
Gettings the house star (Archived)YukoValis73186/27/2009
Alternate ending and more *spoilers!!!* (Archived)YukoValis73136/25/2009
*spoilers maybe* How many times do I need to restart this? (Archived)rosskemp66/25/2009
So am I just an idiot or am I missing something? (Archived)nonbeliever56/18/2009
How to get star on 4-7? (Archived)NRR11126/8/2009
Do I need a mouse to play this? (Archived)BiznessTime26/8/2009
Wasn't worth the ten pounds to be honest (Archived)
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Is this game challenging or am I just an idiot? (Archived)poppyfreak35/31/2009
Quick question I need answered. (Archived)Crazed_Villager55/23/2009
am i able to set the resolution in the game? (Archived)N1GHTS75/20/2009
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