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6 years ago#1

I am a novice at this game and just finished it 2 times on easy , and i am wondering when or where can I learn to use 2 weapons ? I have some kind a scroll buyed by me that learns me dual wielding skill but for some reason I can't use it . Anyone can help me ? ty :)

6 years ago#2
I was also curious about this.
6 years ago#3
I believe you need 1000 Samurai Points in order to use the dual wield scroll.
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6 years ago#4
I think its 1000 samurai points. When you finish a playthrough, a message will come up saying that dual wielding has been unlocked or something to that effect.
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6 years ago#5

yes I just got it , ty for the info ^^the swordsare great btw . I am playing on normal now and I can't se any difficulty difference . But I think that you can't learn new skills by simply use dual wield like the other weapons , but you can buy from the shop scrolls with 1000Y each to learn new skills.

6 years ago#6
Or just like. . .y'know...kill people to learn new moves?
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6 years ago#7

I killed more the 400 and not a single skill :) . So with each money I get I buy scrolls to learn some more .

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