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How much would Pringer X/uber lord hit an average high lvl character for? (Archived)DavinCross85812/13/2013
Are character special skills like Alma's or Adells affected by weapon level? (Archived)DavinCross85512/4/2013
I have a bad habit of deleting my specialist.. -( (Archived)DavinCross85112/4/2013
Maxing character stats (Archived)TheLonius500512/3/2013
Farming for lovers-is it ok to unequip and re-equip the same armor? (Archived)DavinCross85311/28/2013
What's a good item to find pharmacist? (Archived)DavinCross85111/27/2013
New, used the Axel Mode cheat, question. (Archived)Inferno05711/25/2013
Does Yukimaru get generic ninja skills? (Archived)DavinCross85211/24/2013
Thinking of playing this but concerns (Archived)DavinCross85311/23/2013
I thought this couldnt happen in the port... (Archived)0mola711/12/2013
Fortune Teller: could bad luck be a good thing? (Archived)oretnom511/12/2013
Reincarnating and stored levels (Archived)primeknight2049/12/2013
Zenon (worst ending spoilers) (Archived)macblo29/9/2013
Item World Assembly (Archived)primeknight2049/7/2013
Champloo stage help (Archived)michelos49/6/2013
Prism Mage doing more than Prism Skull though Skull has better stats? (Archived)iNyyk78/27/2013
Can Magichange 2 skills crash the game? (Archived)BlitzkriegOmega78/25/2013
Lover Spawning Question (Archived)primeknight2028/22/2013
Around how much does the Music Shop music cost in this game? (Archived)
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magic question (Archived)AshtonRPG738/7/2013
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