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I think I've been waiting for this game for about 6-7 years (Archived)Blocktopus49/25 1:38PM
Anyone on the Japanese server (Archived)renjisama35619/24 11:39AM
Controller options or no? (Archived)jurfi119/2 1:26PM
American release date? (Archived)Outsider122079/2 1:34AM
So, it's been 5 (almost 6) years for this game to get here. (Archived)Shyvana25/25 11:57AM
NA/EU release slated for winter 2015. (Archived)Eab199085/24 7:25PM
Will this be better than Age of Wushu? (Archived)AmephEstMako15/21 8:20AM
Possibly coming to NA/EU in 2015 (Archived)opfer_gv68/19/2014
Just got logged in in china coukd use a friend (Archived)sighn0214/20/2014
Free Trial From May 16th (JP) (Archived)Kouli23/9/2014
China OBT from 28 Nov + some extra info. (Archived)opfer_gv91/12/2014
BnS cn obt needs to be released (Archived)mekokemeko19/25/2013
What race/class/gender are you going to play as? (Archived)2ndAtomisk28/2/2013
Seems we won't be getting this until 2014 (Archived)
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Blade and Soul Outfits (Archived)Ulyaoth7442/20/2013
Blade & Soul music video (Archived)Darom Sunyata51/8/2013
Any idea if this game will come out on ps3? (Archived)Bevdog89312/25/2012
Is this game vertically or horizontally progressed? (Archived)IndigoIce411/26/2012
Popular Korean MMO, Blade & Soul, Is Headed To The West (Archived)
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Seijuro Hiko 13th1511/1/2012
I doubt this game gets a western release at all (Archived)
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