Warriors Orochi 3

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i know that this may have already been mentioned but about orochi3
how could they continue the storyline
cuase it would be kinda cheesy if they brought orochi back for a third time
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"cheesy" isn't a valid point after all the game is called "Warriors Orochi" I really wouldn't mind if they brought him back as long they keep bringing fresh characters like Yoshitsune,Sun Wukong and Taigon Wang.
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They could just make it so that he somehow survives or just disregard the endings altogether.

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#5pyro_buntaPosted 9/12/2009 6:20:30 AM
Or they could make Orochi and Shin Orochi X a temporary form. His true form is an 9-headed snake like in the legend. New characters include Susano-O and various japanese mythical figures.

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#6luckytintinnzPosted 9/13/2009 5:35:43 AM
Or, they could just use a new mythological beast instead of Orochi. And then use the DW6 and SW3 models.
#7AccendoPosted 9/13/2009 8:07:11 AM
I actually had this idea after Warriors Orochi 1 and haven't really changed anything since then.
I then actually decided to research Chinese mythology and make a basic storyline myself :D. I didn't want it to be the same as WO so I invented the idea that certain mythological beasts ((5 in total)) found themselves inside some different DW / SW -- not that this would give the said people more power in any way. The beasts would be more of a fate idea, "When the 4 'beasts' come together there natural skill, courage, intelligence and power would be undefeatable."

IT IS QUITE LONG AND INDEPTH BUT HEY I LOVED WRITING IT ((No real point in criticising it because it's not going to be made this way but feel free!))

I'd say this time make it a Chinese evil beast -- Nian. So "Warriors Nian" ^_^...

((Nian is a beast that eats people at the start of the New Year THATS why the tradition on Chinese New Year is fire crackers, lots of red and the dances -- to scare him off with noise and he is scared of red -- I believe this is correct I am not a huge resource on Chinese Mythology, Japanese I do, but not the Chinese :S))

If I had any say for a story it would be Nian ((Who is in human-esque form, like orochi was changed from being an 8 headed snake/hydra/dragon)) is doing a similiar thing to Orochi. HOWEVER He'd have to hate Wu for being red. BUT To help stop him ((He'd be more powerful than Orochi)) the four guardian beasts get awoken.

1) The Tiger of the West -- Bai Hu
2) The Dragon of the East -- Qing Long
3) The Tortoise of the North -- Xuan Wu
4) The Bird of the South -- Zhu Que

These would just manifest themselves inside a specific hero I'm not sure. This would give you the 4 story lines again, one for each animal. ((That person would then be on a quest to find the other 3 Guardians so they can defeat Nian -- this would be the respective story mode -- I also feel it fine to handpick certain people to be the main character of each story seeing as in Warriors Oroch; Shu = Zhao Yun. Wei = Cao Pi. Wu = Sun Ce and SW = Nobunaga -- i.e. They handpicked certan people to be the main characters.))

I think I'd have these people as the guardians;

1) The White Tiger of the West -- Sun Jian -- AKA The Tiger of Jiang Dong xD -- And the new Sun Jian Has AWESOME White Hair PERFECT!

2) The Blue Dragon of the East -- Zhao Yun -- Koei loves him (so do I) and everyone loves dragons

3) The Black Tortoise of the North -- Xuan Wu -- This would be the NEW Lu Bu because of his armour.

4) The Red Bird of the South -- Zhu Que -- Mitsunari Ishida -- The Bird is intelligence like this SW ^_^

ALSO When they get together they realise there is one more person they need to find!!!

5) The Golden Dragon of the Centre -- Ouryuu ((Sorry this is the Japanese name as there is no chinese mythical creature of the centre)) -- This would maybe be Keiji OR Musashi OR Tadakatsu -- One of the Super SW characters -- And seeing as it's a Japanese hero in this position it's fine for it to be Japanese name :P.

All the while Nian AND Orochi are trying to destroy all the kingdoms and each other while most of the alliances from Warriors Orochi still remain.
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#8hieikumaraPosted 9/13/2009 6:31:34 PM
i actually like your story idea.
heck, i actually hope koei will take it in and use it.

but i think instead of the beast residing in one of the warriors, i think it should be an actual new character you can unlock, but that character is a manifest of the beast and is sealed away. Once you unseal the beast, it will transform into a person.

i think thats better since you can have more/ new extra character.
i mean, you should now get 10 stages in each story and unlock the beast like in story 8.

i guess orochi is pretty much a japanese myth creature so its fitting to choose some chinese myth creature.

but instead of orochi, i actually like kyuubi more. the nine tail fox. haha,
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#9BigLugiagaPosted 9/22/2009 9:31:14 AM
All fine, except I don't think Lu Bu makes a very good turtle. Other than that, it's a decent idea. Certainly no worse than what Koei is doing, and they'd be bettter off with something new in there anyway.
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#10LittleSumoPosted 9/22/2009 9:52:18 AM
It should have Edit Officer / CAW feature with all movesets available.