How soon am I expected to get the rabbit fur?

#1NeonTigressPosted 5/16/2010 12:43:50 PM
I'm just wondering if it'd be okay for me to take my time, even if it means finishing Dandelion and even going beyond without having gotten the rabbit. Do I have to basically finish it fast or can I raise terriers, do some hunting, and get settled first? Will I be punished for that?
#2midizeroninePosted 5/16/2010 10:04:26 PM

Actually claire does say to you that you should do that but take your time. no hurry. Im at year 3 now and just started hunting after i got 2 dogs at my dog house. Rabbit fur grows after you feed rabbit with cabbage.

This game i think has no penalties. No Money or experiences involved. Just Non-linear RPG, Unlocking plants, animals and tools. Thus unlocking scenarios. So i think the only drawback is when your animal dies of starvation and your plants get trashed by pests.

#3URT86Posted 5/17/2010 11:11:12 AM
Just relax and take it slow...
II'm on year 6 with 1 sheep...
getting the sheep = game finish, but still can continue on.
#4midizeroninePosted 5/17/2010 10:23:43 PM

Cool! I kept on completing this HINT chart of watchamacallit of animals and stuff. So the sheep is the main goal huh. Does this count as Spoilers? :P Lol

#5URT86Posted 5/18/2010 10:46:34 AM
lol spoilers...I thought they already told ya about the story Shepherd's Crossing (getting a sheep and success) xD
Sorry for spoiling.
#6midizeroninePosted 5/18/2010 10:42:19 PM

Hahaha! :P