I discovered a game-freezing glitch not unlike the removed Rabbit Glitch!

#1TorchicBlazikenPosted 4/20/2010 9:33:17 AM

You know how 5th Cell said that there used to be a glitch with Rabbits and how they kept reproducing and you couldn't delete them (and they weren't on the meter), and they fixed that glitch pre-release?

Well, I discovered an elaborate form of that glitch that's still in the game, and freezes it.

Godmother turns all weapons into Roses. The Roses can be deleted, because you created the weapon. But bullets from guns can't be deleted, because you didn't make them. And Godmother turns bullets into roses, too. It might not be a real problem, because guns only have a certain amount of ammo... but not if they're being held by someone else! I tested this out on the main screen. I tied a Guy to a Wall with a Chain, and used Earth Magic on the Guy, and gave the Guy a Gun. I made a Godmother and put her near me. I went between the Godmother and the Guy, and the Guy kept shooting bullets at me, which turned into roses. After a whole bunch of roses came down, the game froze.

It would be nice if someone replicated this and posted a video.

P.S. I can't believe it, but Samurai, Ninja, and Clown are FEMALE. I know this because when they are given Ambrosia they turn into Goddesses. Tried this on Anon, but Anon just turned into Anon. Good thing, too, because if Anon had a set gender then people would be outraged.

#2TorchicBlaziken(Topic Creator)Posted 4/20/2010 9:35:05 AM
To do this, I had to make the Guy far enough from the Godmother so that the Gun itself didn't transform, but close enough so that the bullets would turn into roses before they hit me.
#3TorchicBlaziken(Topic Creator)Posted 4/20/2010 9:37:42 AM

Alternatively, you could chain the Godmother to the Wall, and shoot her yourself, and keep making Guns.

#4GroundrattlerPosted 4/25/2010 5:03:31 AM
A better method I found is to just use the Chaingun.

Seriously, it's fast and it auto-fires, much better than an NPC with a regular gun.
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