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7 years ago#421

Yay, I figured it out myself :D for defence I used 9 hydrofoils devided into groups of three with 1 using the weaponjammer, 2 Pacifiers (deployed), three multi-turrets and 8 apollos for air defence on land. When I was satisfied with the defence I just queued up 6 harbinger and WOOM! BUt eeh....way over par xD

I've gotten a bit further since then...I completed future warfare with the help of some youtube guy and now I'm stuck on superb commander and mother land. I really don't get why superb commander is so hard...I usually manage to get up 3 superweapons, good defences, loads of harbingers, loads of X1's and some giga's even! But when I finish one side of the map, the other side comes with giga's/kirovs and pretty much everything else.

For motherland I'm trying one of the strats I found. Taking over and protecting the academies then vx/tengu rush the two on the side and then the on in the middle. t works in theory, but I just can't pull it off xD I managed to destroy all three bases once...ALMOST! there was like 1-2 buildings I didn't find, sp while I was searching sickles ate up my base.


7 years ago#422
Both missions motherland, superb commander, are relatively easy providing you have good strategy.

For superb commander, I would reccomend setting up a refinery core from your Empire base at every refinery in sight save 1 for each allies and soviets so they can tech up. If playing as empire or anyone else, a good strat is to take each opponent quickly. For Kenji, build up a large PK/javellin force from two barracks at northern allied base and wipe both his bases out. With a combined 25-50+ javelins/pks his bases will fall no problem and you have more then adequet resources to pull it off. Ditto on Oleg, a combined tankbuster/warrior/flak trooper force will decimate his base in relatively quick order. You don't even need to tech up at all for this mission largely due to the absurd amount of credits you will have.

For motherland, as Empire a good idea is to build up defender cores around the academies, often I find with the AI, if you set the cores to airguard, Vera's twinblades will not even come close and her troops will stay away in fear of it switching over. Also building warriors to defend against early rush but also especially against terror drones is vital. I personally in this mission find success comes by taking Oleg out first and quickly. The best way to do this is to capture all three academies then produce 2-3 Vxs, send them north, take out 1 academy to prevent heroic healing troops and wipe out his base. He often has virtually no early air counter. After he is gone, wiping up the other two is a piece of cake.
7 years ago#423

Thanks :) nice strat for superb commander. And I managed to pull of the vx thingy on motherland xD but now I'm stuck on battle room though....

7 years ago#424
Well anyway battleroom is also not a tough one provided you don't try to micromanage three bases.

If Empire, start by selling off 2 of your conyards, ideally the middle and nothern one. The build 4 refinery cores, deploy 2 in your base and 2 in the water way to the SE. The build 3-4 dojo cores, 2-3 in front and 1 toward the back of your base, this way you can protect both sides. At this point que up a good number of warriors, say 10-15. While doing this tech up to a Yuriko. Once done move Yuriko around the water to the back of the enemies' bases and take out their hospitals. Then build a large warrior strike force (as many as possible) and attack. Eliminate infantry in the center part of the screen and use a small force as distractions at each base. This is the cover Yuriko needs to sneak in the back and destroy the bases. I would also not reccomend spending on archer maidens or ninjas, largely due to their cost, for 1 ninja you get 6 warriors. Rinse and repeat with the others and you are done.

For soviets same sort of strategy except use your cash bounty on your con yard before you sell it to gain an additional cash bonus. Sputnik for base expansion. Natasha and desolators will carry you through much better. Allies, Tanya. Get her and the mission is easy, cryolegionnaries are good too as by carefullying using them you can make a creeping cyrowall advance right to their bases.

The only thing to be aware of is that if you leave them alone, your opponents will create their commandos, especially expect to see Tanya. What I usually do is attack almost as soon as I get my commando, soviets first, empire then allies. Tanya is strong but unlike natasha or Yuriko, it is easy to overwhlem her.
7 years ago#425

I went soviet for that one, and again I didn't complete under par xD

I sold of the souther and the northern con yards so that I only had the middle one left. Then I buildt a barrcks and started training loads of conscripts for defence and a wall just to destract the enemy. Then I buildt a couple of bunkers, after that I went over to using desolators. I set them in groups of two, switched on hold ground stace and put one group in each of those "hallways". And when I had yet another group of 4, I attacked.

7 years ago#426

i did it again xD UNDER PAR! PK's and cryos

7 years ago#427
Hey i could use some help with shrink zone again. lydia likes to use infantry swarms and i can not kill them fast enough to make it worse when she uses tanya she can kill vehicles instantly and take little to no dmg. I have tried using cores but they usually kill them off any other tips
7 years ago#428
Truth be told, I can't say that I have ever played this mission with the other two factions, using cores in this mission is the best way to win. The best way to ensure this strategy works is to build 4 dojo cores, as they are the cheapest cores, and deploy 1 generator core. Send all four cores immediately within 30sec from mission start, toward lydia, use 1 or 2 of them to crush her infantry, just run em over, and the other two to crush her harvesters, do it often enough and she will start fireselling all her structures to build new refineries. Deploy 1 core, build an engineer and make their mcv unpack, then crush it. The best way not to get overwhelmed in this mission to to send cores to her base fast and don't let her tech up.

As for the other factions....for soviets you could build up a warfactory and barracks, unpack your mcv and move it toward their base and crush things as your mcv moves much faster, back this up with a terror drone/engineer rush to capture their production structures and force their mcv to pack up and become infected with a terror drone, allies, massive infantry spam especially javellins to counter her cyrocopters.
7 years ago#429

I went with a VX rush...very effective, but I won 1 min over par. Ofcource, 1-2 defences are required.

7 years ago#430
leo158 posted...
Mission: Be quick of be dead
This is extra, but I found a rather funny way to play this mission. It was kind of hilarious for me, and I think its worth sharing too.
Play Soviets for this mission, since you start with a fully built base, build 2 twin blade choppers, 2 engineers and 2 terror drones. Have an engineer and a terror drone enter a twin blade chopper, and immediately charge for the Soviet base, do the same for the Empire. The reason why these 2 is because Allies base is nearest to you at start, so build a dreadnought and have it suppress the allies expansion. Now for the best part, have the twin blade chopper drop the engineer and the terror drone RIGHT NEXT to the construction yard, the construction yard should IMMEDIATELY repack into an MCV because of the presence of an engineer. Have the terror drone infect it, and Wa Lah, you will see the MCV roaming around the map waiting for its slow death. It won't be able to redeploy. Do the same for the Empire's MCV and that should take care of 2 teams for you. If you did this quick enough, the 2 bases you targetted should not have their war factories built. Mopping up will be extremely easy after that.You can even get your Vacuum Imploder on one of them to finish them quickly when you're dealing with the allies.

I got this done in only 6 minutes. This is the fastest way I find that finishes the mission.

Great strategy I tested it myself after reaching 100% challanges on my own, great to read different tactics in here as to improve my usage of a lot of different strategies. I tried to improve on this one just a little bit, as the soviets airbase is the last producing building to be build I made 1 bullfrog for the alliance! I managed to infect all 3 conyards, I made sure I build 4 engineers as at the empire you will be able to capture both dojo and vehicle production facility! capturing the 2 refineries, selling off my own docks, tech centre and scrapping conyard for a lot of extra cash and spam Grinders to finish off the remaining buildings, ofc you might want to get some anti infantry in the form of bears or samurais. Am still twinking my time as I'm atm trying to get my total completion time down, although I must admit that I found the 6 minutes quite fast! Wonder if I'll make it.

Regards and have fun,
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