This game is....evil..

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User Info: BigTee66

3 years ago#1
*takes Gold Idol*
*giant boulder pummels everything*
*Shop keeper get mad*
*shop keeper rape ensues*


*Picks up damsel from kissing booth*
*damsel runs off screaming*
*shop keeper get ticked and blasts me*

really now?
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User Info: wEEman33_VI

3 years ago#2

This is evil:
Nothing is not

User Info: Beefbud

3 years ago#3
stealing the damsel from the kissing booth is an obvious no-no, and as for the rock booby trap, basically if there's any level where a shopkeeper is below where the rock spawns, don't take the idol

the real evil is when an enemy angers the shopkeeper without you doing anything
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  3. This game is....evil..

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