Is there any way to get health back besides Damsels?

#1MasterTurtlePosted 12/3/2013 2:30:09 PM
It always bothers me when I find a carryable item since it pretty much stops me from healing.
Can I interest you in a...side mission?
#2BsidesSingerPosted 12/3/2013 4:53:07 PM
Yes. But I've only found one.

First you need to sacrifice two damsels to Kali. The first damsel will give you a random item. The second one, Kali will give you a blood chalice passive item. From then on, every 8 blood drops you collect from enemies or damsels will give you one health.
#3raelianPosted 12/5/2013 6:36:49 PM
If you kill the Queen Bee in area 2 she will drop 'Royal Jelly'. This gives FOUR hearts. I wouldn't recommend it wihout sticky bombs or the shotgun.