So is it PMD3 or 3rd version of PMD2?

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7 years ago#1
I know there was a lot of arguing over which it was going to be before it came out. Obviously it has new stuff extending PMD2's story, but there was no confirmation of whether you've got all of PMD2's story missions and this is 3rd version extras or if this is a new sequel. And now it's been out for a bit, so I take it this question is resolved by now. I still haven't played PMD2, so I'm wondering whether to play that or if I should wait for this if it has everything from PMD2, so can anyone clarify this for me?
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7 years ago#2
A 3rd version of PMD2. Check for some more info on the extras.
7 years ago#3
im playing the japanese version now...
new features ive seen so far on chapter 5
-during personality test if you reset you can skip the intro which is 2x longer then the other version thank god you can skip the intro now
-there is a white ribbon on screen when you are doing the aura test
-5 new missions
-new updated potraits for not only starters but guild members too..bidoof gets the most portraits updated
-can get both mewtwo and celebi in this game
-can get your requited allies outside the base (no need to run in to the guild to change allies)
-shows how much storage you have left and how many items you can hold in town
-new music for dojo (sounds way better)
-5 new starters
-when you get the option to save you can save and continue or save and quit or cancel
-rotten items (esp rotten oran and rotten revive seed >_< berry watch out they hurt you read descptions of item so you dont get tricked)
-held items dont unequip after you leave dungeon
-during sentry duty the graphics are updated
(theres more but this is what ive seen so far)

sorry for long post...

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  3. So is it PMD3 or 3rd version of PMD2?

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